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This is a brief overview of the platform, for a full product manual, please visit the Application Walkthrough.


Industry-leading factor model characterizes your portfolio’s risk and return across quantifiable signals that are strongly correlated with asset returns.

  • Discover how style, sector, and region factors have been driving portfolio performance

  • Compare exposures between your portfolio and industry benchmarks


Omega Point incorporates dozens of data sets in order to calculate factors across critical dimensions

  • Intuitive risk model visualizes factor trends over time, displaying your portfolio's risk levels during past market conditions

  • Drilldown to see how each position contributes to sensitivity to factor movements

  • Act with a clear understanding of risk and exposures


Determine factor trends and identify time periods when market dynamics, internal firm thematic shifts or portfolio turnover significantly altered your portfolio’s exposure.

  • Harvest gains and trim losses while managing quantitative risks

  • Set factor exposure targets and simulate trades in real-time

  • Ensure you are staying within your exposure targets prior to making big moves in your portfolio

  • Don’t be caught on the wrong side of a factor sell-off again.


Showcase your investment style with visual comparisons of key portfolio metrics using an in-depth comparison tool.

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Our Application Walkthrough acts as a more holistic product manual.

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