Using the Home Screen & the Portfolio Selector

The portfolio selector lets you organize your portfolios so you can easily find and manage your assets.

Main Elements

  1. Sidebar Menu - Quickly navigate the application using our menu; selecting on “portfolios” will send you to the home page that lists your entire collection of portfolios. This screen is always accessible by clicking on the Omega Point icon.
  2. Portfolio - Each portfolio has an assigned risk model, as seen in the top-left icon. Additionally, we provide shortcut links so you can jump right into your portfolio. Clicking on a portfolio name will take you to that portfolio’s overview screen.
  3. Labels - Labels are a way to manage your collection of portfolios. These are useful when you would like to sort and filter your collection by label. Type in the name of any label, including creating a new label, to group your portfolios by label.
  4. Search & Filter - Easily find a portfolio of interest by typing a portfolio name into the search bar. Similarly, group your portfolios by a variety of different search filters: by label, last viewed, name, or model. 
  5. Settings - Access application-wide settings that help you manage your portfolio. Invite and manage teammates to have access to this account. Manage your own account, including updating your password.
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