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Securities are at the heart of any fundamental manager’s portfolio. The security profile instantly displays any security's performance, risk, and exposure attribution, for any period for which there is data in the risk model.

Main Elements

  1. Metric & Time Selection - You can select the time frame (MTD, 1M, 3M, 6M, YTD, 1Y, Custom) from the dropdown selector to view that security’s performance, risk, or exposure and corresponding factor contribution for your desired date range. These dates act independently from the portfolio dates.

  2. Cumulative Returns - A security’s return, risk, or exposure trend is broken down into its total, alpha, and factor components for the selected time period. The tabbed structure enables filtering factors by category, and drilling down to view each factor's trend for each security  Hover over the graph to see data for a particular date and click on a date to see the returns and the factor attribution for that date.

  3. Factor Attribution - Want to see what is driving a security’s return? The factor attribution table displays the factors that have contributed to the security for any date. Scroll below the graph to see factor attribution by winners and losers.

  4. Security Comparison - Search for any other security and click on the "VS" button to the right to compare security performance, risk, and exposure over the selected time period.

  5. Add Security to Watchlists - Want to track this security over time and compare it to other securities? Or want to use this security in a buy-list? Or want to exclude this security from other searchers? Click on the watchlist icon in the top-right corner (next to the X close button) and add this security to any customizable watchlist.

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