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Quickly compare a factor's performance to other factors

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Using Market : Factors Leaderboard

The Market : Factors screen acts as a factor’s leaderboard, summarizing the factors that are most overbought / oversold as well as showing the biggest movers (highest and lowest cumulative returns) over any specified time period. This information can help you better understand current market dynamics and which factor exposures to most pay attention to in your portfolio.

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Main Elements

  1. Date Selection

  2. Category Selection

  3. Factor Return & Normalized Trend Indicator - These factors are automatically sorted based on the largest factor return over the select time period, including small arrows to indicate if a factor is overbought of oversold — which normalizes today’s return to the factor’s historic return — showing how many standard deviations away the current return is to its history.
    Overbought: +1 STD and above.
    Oversold: -1 STD and below

  4. Download Returns

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