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OP Financial Data Cloud & Marketplace

Access to premium financial data from our top-tier data partners

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As a cloud native platform, Omega Point is building the nexus of world-class financial data to service our customers' portfolios. To this end, the Financial Data Cloud is a one-stop shop for incorporating financial data into your investment workflow.

Accessing the Financial Data Cloud & Marketplace

The Omega Point Data Cloud allows you to peruse a curated selection of premium financial data as provided by our world-class data partners that find a home within the OP ecosystem. Access the marketplace from your home screen under the Data tab.

Currently offering access to multiple risk models through our partnership with MSCI (Barra), Axioma, & Wolfe (QES), as well as, macro, ESG, and short interest datasets.

Access to Indexes

In addition to risk and content-based data, the data cloud also facilitates access to leading Indexes from MSCI, Morgan Stanley, and more to come. Upon activation can be used to quickly run 'active' analysis against these benchmarks.

Run instant portfolio exposure, risk, & performance analysis across a variety of premium datasets.

This screenshot demonstrates the 1-year active macro exposure of this portfolio vs the MSCI USA index, with drill-down functionality to undercover the biggest position contributors to each macro factor, as measured by Quant Insight's Macro dataset. Not shown, but available is performance & risk attribution utilizing the Wolfe QES US Broad V2 Risk Model.

All datasets are hosted in a way that once access is requested and provisioned, the data will available instantly for use within the workflows supported by our APIs and web interface.

All data hosted in OP is pre-vetted by our data partners for quality and then translated by OP to fit into relevant workflows — security screening, portfolio analysis, rebalance, and construction — enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

While accessing the data cloud page is available to all customers, requesting and utilizing the data featured in the data marketplace is available only to Enterprise customers.

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