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Providing added security to all accounts through strong password enforcement and optional 2FA / MFA support

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Can't login? Visit the How to Reset Your Password in OP for directions.

Managing your profile in Omega Point

For customers who are already logged in, they can manage their access and security through the My Profile page, located from the Home > Account > My Profile

In the My Profile page, you can change your name, password, activate MFA, or subscribe to available email subscriptions.

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

Screenshot showing how a member should provide their two-factor authentication code when signing-in and MFA is activated.

Data security has always been important to us -- including offering the ability to manage accounts through Single Sign-On. For non-SSO customers looking to protect their account, customers can enable MFA protocols for added security.

Screenshot of My Profile page, where a member can activate Multi-Factor Authentication

To activate, individuals can navigate to “My Profile” and manually enable MFA. Once activated, proceed by pairing with a standard authenticator app (e.g. Google Authenticator) using the QR code from your screen.

It only takes a few moments to activate MFA on your account. If this option does not appear, your account admin may be managing the account through SSO; depending on the service, MFA can be activated on SSO accounts through the SSO admin portal.

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