Enjoy the power of quantitative investing in your hands

Written by Jeremy Mulder
Updated over a week ago

Omega Point was designed by leading Wall Street quants -- investment traders who rely on systemic strategies using the latest technologies -- to help financial professionals bring these quantitative techniques to their practices.

Do more with Factors

Factors are a new way of looking at financial trends. They are data-backed, statistically significant signals that characterize a security's performance. Omega Point provides you with 80+ intuitive factors and the interface that supports analyzing your portfolio across these various dimensions.

With Omega Point, you can quickly explain how much of your portfolio is described by factors. Discover how style, sector, and region factors have been driving your portfolio's performance. With these insights, you can make the necessary shifts to your portfolio using our real-time Simulation tool.ย 

Omega Point was designed with you in mind, you are always in control! Employ your unique investment strategy, your alpha, while capitalizing on Omega Point's easy-to-understand factors.


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