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Dynamic Predicted Beta UI
Dynamic Predicted Beta UI

May 2023

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Product Update - May 8, 2023

Dynamic Predicted Beta


Today’s update releases Omega Point's custom Dynamic Predicted Beta workflow into the API and UI for all current users.

Dynamic Predicted Beta

Predicted betas are useful in evaluating the sensitivity of a portfolio to certain markets and themes. Now, customers can generate on-the-fly insights into how a security or portfolio moves relative to any instrument — be it an index, ETF, basket, or even another portfolio or inline position set. Dynamic Predicted Beta is now officially available in both the API and UI.

Users can now:

  • Pick a custom instrument to calculate a Predicted Beta relative to

  • Understand the total and/or active portfolio level Predicted Beta

  • Understand the asset contributions to the overall total and/or active portfolio level Predicted Beta

  • Understand asset standalone Predicted Betas relative to the custom instrument

    Find detailed descriptions of UI workflows and sample API queries in this support article.

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