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Intuitive Trading

July 2023

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Product Update - July 2023

Simulate Trades using Position Size, (Active) % Equity.

Enhanced Inputs for Intuitive Trading

In line with our mission to help investment teams turn data into decisions, we’ve made some foundational changes to our simulator tool, including the following updates:

  • Intuitive trade controls

  • Better benchmark-relative trade support

We hope these new features allow you to take action with data at your fingertips.

New Trade Input Options

Km vs Mi, C° vs F°, $ vs %. Translating between different formats can break the flow of thinking. With this update, the Rebalance.Simulator tool offers managers to choose from six auto-equalizing trade input types, so it can be $ and %.


When providing a trade value into any one of these new inputs (above, highlighted in green), the simulator tool will instantly recalculate the input into its equivalent value across these format options:

  1. $ position size (rebalanced)

  2. $ position size (trade delta)

  3. % equity (rebalanced)

  4. % equity (trade delta)

  5. when benchmark-relative,
    active % equity (rebalanced)

  6. active % equity (trade delta)

These input options should resonate more intuitively with managers when making changes to the portfolio’s holdings — in any format.

Taking Action While Active

When managing relative to a benchmark, the simulator offers new tools to better reflect the reality of active management, including:

  • placing securities into overweight/underweight buckets

  • additional trade options: active % equity (rebalanced), or active % equity (trade delta)

  • show benchmark-only names and the impact of not holding any particular name

These features are automatically enabled once a benchmark is selected. We hope you enjoy simulating different decisions using more familiar trade tools & controls.

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