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Financial instruments are at the heart of the Omega Point platform; search across your universe of portfolios, securities, baskets, etc.

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Financial instruments as resources

The Omega Point home screen lets you access and organize various financial instruments across your universe. In particular, portfolios, baskets, and watchlists are all resources that you can create and take a view on.

In additional to resources you create, the home screen also includes a search that can access securities, benchmarks, and factors that pertain to risk models you have access to.

Combining search and resources on one screen, the home screen acts as a launchpad to find various instruments in your universe.

Main Elements

This screen is always accessible by clicking on the Omega Point icon in the top-left corner.

  1. Sidebar Menu - Quickly navigate the home screen using the sidebar menu; selecting on “resources” lists your entire collection of portfolios, baskets, and watchlists. "Favorites" simplifies access to your most used items.

  2. Universal Search - access securities, factors, benchmarks across a risk model, search for any resources that you created. This robust, all-in-one search allows you to search for any financial instrument in your universe.

3. Resources
- Access all your a) portfolios, b) baskets, and c) watchlists that you have created, where clicking on the resource name will navigate to each resource's respective analysis tools, such as factor attribution and trends. Adding descriptions is a great way to differentiate between production and hypothetical resources.

4. Create Resources
- Adding new resources is as simple as clicking the 'add' button and selecting which resource to create. Name the resource, add a description, and then upload relevant data to each resource type, e.g., portfolio upload. After uploading, the resource is available for analysis.

5. Search & Filter - Easily find a portfolio of interest by typing a portfolio name into the search bar. Similarly, group your portfolios by a variety of different search filters: by label, last viewed, name, or model. 

Omega Point philosophy for resources
These resources - watchlists, portfolios, and baskets - work in union with each other to enable identifying thematic ideas, building portfolios that isolate fundamental views, and rebalance in step with changing market conditions.

Treat each resource as you would a collaborative document - quickly draw up different drafts, exploring and refining your ideas until you find a portfolio that is ready for trading, a watchlist that can be used as a universe, or a basket that can act as a smart trade to a specific security

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