Integration with Lightkeeper

Make better use of your data with a pre-built integration between Lightkeeper & Omega Point

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Omega Point and Lightkeeper are teaming up to allow mutual customers to build on top of Lightkeeper's modern Investment Book of Records and Omega Point’s risk & factor analysis platform. Once enabled, enjoy the seamless transfer of position and tag data from LK into the Omega Point platform to superpower your alpha-generating workflows.

Enabling the Integration

To access the Lightkeeper application, visit the platform tab within your account’s home page.

After activation — including accepting permissions to share data back to Lightkeeper — customers can select which portfolios & baskets* to synchronize between systems by adding them to this resources table.

*note: resources limit exist for each integration partner, where up to 20 portfolios and 50 baskets can be shared with this partner. The partner application does have the ability to create portfolios and baskets that are included in this limit.

Once a portfolio has been permissioned to the Lightkeeper integration, 2-way data flows are enabled across both applications.

Accessing this portfolio within Omega Point facilitates:

  1. Full performance & risk attribution

  2. Factor decomposition utilizing one of the risk models from the Data Cloud

  3. Interactive trend exploration

  4. Factor attribution with drilldown capacity to view highest contributor to each category

Portfolio Analysis with Tags

In addition to position data, PnL, position tags, & security classifications can also be imported from Lightkeeper — which can instantly be utilize within Omega Point for detailed group analysis...

  1. Select the tag

  2. View all tags associated with the tag category

  3. Drilldown to view contributors associated with each tag

  4. As well as, for portfolio segment analysis -- including the ability to normalize the segment on a standalone basis.

With the Lightkeeper + Omega Point Integration, mutual customers get to take advantage of two powerful systems, seamlessly synchronizing data across platforms for robust portfolio intelligence.

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