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Omega Point and Eze have teamed up to allow mutual customers to incorporate risk & factor analysis workflows within each application. Once enabled, enjoy the seamless transfer of position data from Eze into the Omega Point platform to superpower your alpha-generating workflows.

Enabling the Integration

To access the Eze application, visit the platform tab within your account’s home page, and click on "APPLICATIONS" from the tab bar. This page is only available to Account Admins.

As Account Admin, please read & accept the integration permissions to share data back with Eze — allowing position data to synchronize between systems.

Once permissions have been accepted, the Eze application needs a few more configurations between Eze and Omega Point -- this process is handled by your accounts customer success manager and may take up to 2 business days.

Activating OP Widget within Eze

Once the configurations have been set, customers can add the OP widget within their Eze environment.

Within Eze's workspace, customers can enjoy using the OP Security Profile Widget in conjunction with the Eze New Analytics Grid, where any security selected in the Analytics Grid will populate the OP Security Profile.

Completing a 2-way integration:

Importing positions from Eze into OP for a risk deep dive

Once the Eze application page within OP is accessible, account admins can navigate to the Eze integration and select which portfolios to import from Eze into Omega Point.

For any portfolio selected, its historical position data will automatically be imported from the Eze integration, completing a 2-way data flow between both applications.

Accessing this portfolio within Omega Point facilitates:

  1. Full performance & risk attribution

  2. Factor decomposition utilizing one of the risk models from the Data Cloud

  3. Interactive trend exploration

  4. Factor attribution with drilldown capacity to view highest contributor to each category

With the Eze + Omega Point Integration, mutual customers get to take advantage of two powerful systems, seamlessly synchronizing data across platforms for robust portfolio intelligence.

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